The Rum Festivals | Pina Colada
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The Pina Colada

Now thought to be the World’s second most popular drink, the Cuba Libre is believed to have been invented in Havana in 1901 – the year cola first came to Cuba, brought by the American troops.
Cuba Libre means “Free Cuba”.

The turn of the 20th century saw the end of Cuba’s War of Independence and legend tells of a US soldier Captain Russell garrisoned there, ordering the drink and proclaiming “Por Cuba libre!” “For A Free Cuba”, and the original Cuba Libre was born.

50ml Golden Rum
2 Lime Wedges
100ml Cola (chilled)

To build this legendary cocktail, fill a highball glass with ice.
Then squeeze 2 lime wedges over the ice and drop them into the glass.
Pour in the Rum, followed by chilled cola and give it all a gentle stir.
Sit back, relax and enjoy………