The Rum Festivals | About Us
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About Us

Did someone say rum???!!

Hello! I’m Lucy the founder of The Rum Festival

I first dreamt up the idea of a Rum Festival back in 2015. I’d always loved a rum cocktail, but over a number of years I’d steadily witnessed, first-hand, the growth in the rum market and evolution in the variety of flavours and styles available. I was getting more and more excited to try new and exciting rums from around the globe, and made it my mission to taste one or two in every town and country I visited and to persuade everyone and anyone I met that Rum absolutely should be the people’s spirit of choice.


Having been to some amazing Beer Festivals and Gin Festivals – is my personal favourite! – I was keen to set up something for the new class of Rum drinkers I was beginning to find everywhere I went! Somewhere fun where they could try new and exciting rums whilst listening to live music, eating great food and surrounded by like-minded people.


And so was formed The Rum Festival. A travelling festival, showcasing over 100 rums and some of the best rum cocktails from around the globe. My team of Rum’uns are passionate about what we do and we hope you will love The Rum Festival just as much as we do!


Check out our events page now to find your nearest Rum Festival!

Lucy graduated from Manchester university in 2001 and spent time working abroad before returning to the UK working for some of the largest bar, restaurant and retail companies and brands in the UK as a General and Regional Manager. 


She loves to travel and loves a Spiced Mojito!

We call our team Rum’Uns – ”Rum’un – Rum One… Someone who is a bit quirky; who is a little bit naughty but still eminently loveable!”


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